3 xero-add ons for your business

In today’s world of technology and customisation, the idea of using a program or software that’s simply ‘one size fits all’ is just not good enough. Why should you have to use bookkeeping software that only does nearly everything that you need in this day and age?

That’s exactly how Xero feels too.

Xero is one of the leading bookkeeping software tools on the market today, and they know that a one size fits all option is not going to be right for any business, let alone yours.

And that’s why they’ve spent so much time and effort working with developers to approve a wide range of Xero add-ons from other leading business software programs that can help you customise and personalise your bookkeeping so that it does exactly what you need it to do for your business. 

How Do Xero Add-Ons Work?

Xero has worked with developers to approve more than 700 Xero add-ons that are available to your business. These add-ons create the best bookkeeping solutions for your business, from time-tracking software to cash flow forecasting and point of sales options – so that all your bookkeeping data is kept in one place.

The purpose of the add on is to make life easier for you, your business and your bookkeepers! Having everything in one easy-to-access place means that you can save hours doing your books. Which will also save you time!

Not only does Xero offer add-ons to include extra tools in your Xero toolbox, but there are also a number of Xero add-ons that are industry specific. This means that if you run a construction business or a trade, you’ll be able to plug Tradify into your Xero software for job management systems, invoicing and billing.

How to Use Xero Add-Ons

To explore how you can automate your sales and bookkeeping processes, accept a wider variety of payments and simplify the way you run your business, all the available Xero add-ons are available in the Xero App Marketplace.

This is where you can find the apps that integrate with Xero, saving you time and money.

The hardest part of this process, is choosing which, out of the hundreds of Xero add-ons available, is right for your business. And that’s where our expert and qualified bookkeepers at Integral Bookkeeping Solutions can help.

We’ve worked with hundreds of businesses to help them find the right add-ons for their business niche.

Specialise Your Business with Xero Add-Ons

As Xero Gold Partners, our qualified and experienced team of bookkeepers at Integrated Bookkeeping Solutions can help you choose the right Xero add-ons to improve the bookkeeping automation of your business.

We’ve listed the top 3 Xero add-ons that our clients use to personalise their bookkeeping.


Connect Stripe and Xero with Add-Ons

Get paid faster when you use the Stripe add-on with your Xero bookkeeping software. Join hundreds of thousands of businesses around the world to automate your services and get paid faster.

  • Get ‘Pay Now’ buttons on your online invoices for quick and easy payment
  • Manage your fees automatically – when a customer pays your invoice, Xero will create a spend money transaction for the Stripe fee
  • Automate your sales process with an easy to use dashboard
  • There’s no need to use multiple platforms when you can create your Stripe account directly from the Xero dashboard

Check out our dedicated page on Stripe for more information here.

Xero and Float Cash Flow Add-On

Float is a Xero add-on that will help you automate cash flow, budgeting and reporting to help your business to grow.

  • Get a real-time view of your cash flow
  • Automatically import all invoices and bills from Xero to track against your projections
  • Have a visual picture of your cash to help you spot cash shortages and surpluses well before they happen
  • Easily compare budgets and actuals to see how accurately you’ve been forecasting

Check out our dedicated page on Float for more information here.

Xero and WorkflowMax Add-On

Do you run your entire project from start to finish with WorkflowMax project management software? Integrate Xero with WorkflowMax and your quoting, scheduling, time tracking, invoicing and reporting can all be synced and automated for you.

  • Push sales invoices into Xero with a single click
  • Customer payments against sales invoices in Xero are automatically synced with your invoice in WorkflowMax
  • Seamless cost management means you can enter your suppliers invoices into WorkflowMax and a bill payable will be created in Xero

Check out our dedicated page on WorkflowMax for more information here.

These are just some of the Xero Add-Ons that are available. If you want to integrate your Xero bookkeeping with these Add-Ons or any others, call us today on 1300 900 938 or get in touch online for a confidential and completely free chat about your business.