Xero Bookkeepers Gold Partner

Being the largest Xero bookkeeping firm in South Australia, we are proud to continue to be Xero Gold Champion Partners who are well on the way to platinum partners. As part of our firm we are also accredited in add on products such as Hubdoc, TSheets, Deputy and many others. We are obsessed with automation and passionate about using new technologies to streamline our clients’ practices and procedures.

So how do these technologies work together? Let’s look at a simple example of a retail shop!

What can we automate here?

  • Point of sale (Vend)
  • Bookkeeping (Xero)
  • Employee scheduling and timesheets (Deputy)

These important areas of any business can all be integrated via use of Xero and its extended product suite. You can automate the way you run your business with Xero, Vend and Deputy. By integrating the point-of-sale, accounting and employee scheduling, these systems can then communicate together and reduce the amount of time and eliminate many of the issues of human error from the process. It also means we can work with you in real time regardless of location and manage multiple locations smoothly and simply.

Vend & Xero Collaboration

Together, Vend and Xero can save hours of admin by reducing manual data entry, which cuts down on errors. When you close the Vend register at the end of each day, it automatically syncs with Xero. Daily sales, payment totals, cash movements and cost of goods sold are all automatically updated with no manual data entry. We can even set up alerts if stock needs to be reordered. Vend and Xero also allow retailers to better track their overall profit or loss to make more informed business decisions in real-time.

Deputy & Xero Integration

Using Deputy and Xero makes your timesheeting a smooth process with rostering, timesheets and integration for payroll.  The app enables you to assign staff and publish schedules in minutes. It then integrates that information with Xero to create timesheets. Owners can approve timesheets and automatically push them to the Xero payroll.

The combination of Deputy and Xero also opens the door to powerful and accurate reporting. Employees can have Deputy on their iPhones, and owners can sync employee data to avoid double entry.

Bringing it all together

Integrating both Vend and Deputy with Xero means that retailers can manage not just their sales and profits, but also their staff operations. Sales data syncs automatically from Vend so future staffing decisions can be based on sales projections, making it easier to schedule staff for busy periods and get the best out of your sales team.